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演講者: 李信儀 博士 (中央大學數學系博士後研究員)

講題:Hyperbolic Balance Laws for Multilane Traffic Flow Model.

時間:09/24(二) 14:00


摘要:In this talk, we consider amultilane model of traffic flow,

which is governed by a hyperbolic system ofbalance laws.

The system of balance laws is given as a 2 by 2 nonlinearhyperbolic system with discontinuous source.

The global existence of entropysolutions to the Cauchy problem of this multilane model is established by a newversion of generalized Glimm method. The generalized solutions of the Riemannproblem, which is the building block of the generalized Glimm scheme, areconstructed by Lax’s method and an invention of perturbations solvinglinearized hyperbolic equations with modified source terms. The residuals areestimated for the consistency of the generalized Glimm scheme. The waveinteraction estimates are provided for the decay of Glimm functionals and theresult for the asymptotic behavior of solutions.

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