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Speaker:Sydney Lin(Google, CA, USA)

Theme:My Experience to and at Google

Time:03/19(Monday)PM 14:00

Venue:PHYS Room 501

Abstract: I am a Software Engineer at Google. Our team builds an internal end-to-end Machine Learning platform that automates various aspects of ML data pipelines, explains model performance and ensures they perform reliably. My daily work involves helping our clients to develop and improve their Machine Learning models and more broadly strengthening our platform. Prior to Google, I worked on modeling for the Ads click prediction for the Yahoo search Ads team at Yahoo Labs. Prior to my professional life, I graduated from Stanford with a master degree from the Institution of Computational and Mathematical Engineering (iCME). I received my undergrad degree in Applied Mathematics from National Kaohsiung University where I worked with Professor Jinn Liang Liu for my undergraduate thesis. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our pets, cooking and hiking.


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