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AI abc
Learn AI in one hour
Do AI in one day (a life?)
lgorithm, big data, coding



Jinn-Liang Liu


Institute of Computational and Modeling Science

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
10:20 – 11:20, Jan 31, 2018, ENG I 工程一館 R108




Based on Google's MNIST for ML (Machine Learning) Beginners, I introduce a basic knowledge (abc) of Supervised ML (an important part of Artificial Intelligence) in the aspects of algorithm, big data, and coding. The audience can acquire some fundamentals of SML in one hour that include mathematical properties of Learning, algorithmic approaches to deal with Big Data, and a glimpse of Python Coding in AI. It is hoped that the audience can understand and repeat in one day all programming details given in the talk. This may help one to ponder whether one should spend her or his life to pursue AI. MNIST is a database of handwritten digits constructed by Yann LeCun, a pioneer in modern AI, and is short for Mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology.


基於Google's MNIST for ML (Machine Learning) Beginners,本演講algorithmbig data、和coding等方面簡單介紹Supervised ML人工智慧中重要的一部分。聽眾可以在一小時內獲得SML的一些基礎知識(abc),包括Learning的數學特性,處理Big Data的演算方法,以及對AIPython Coding的一瞥。希望聽眾能在一天內了解並重複本演講中所有的Programming細節,這可能有助於聽眾思考是否要花一輩子去探索AIMNIST是由現代人工智慧先驅Yann LeCun創建的手寫數字數據庫,是Mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology的簡稱。

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