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Speaker:Dr. Chun-Hsiang Chuang(Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology , University of Technology Sydney)

Theme:Leveraging Data Mining Techniques to Bring New Insights into Driving Safety

Time:12/26(Tuesday)PM 13:30

Venue:GEN III Room 837

Abstract:It has been awesome to collaborate with scientists at US Army Research Laboratory and University of California, San Diego on a flagship basic science research and technology transition program in the neurosciences. I leveraged several data analytics techniques, such as independent component analysis, Granger causality analysis, to explore the brain signatures of risk factors contributing to road traffic crashes. The wireless and wearable neuroimaging device equipped with these promising features and the prediction model had demonstrated its ability to minimize the probability that a driver would fall asleep at the wheel. However, I took a further step and proved that over-reliance on in-vehicle technologies may result in reduced situational awareness and low task engagement, rather than enhancing road safety. Such evidence supported by brain network dynamics could have major implications for understanding fluctuations in human attention and designing future advance driver assistance systems.


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