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演講者: 李金龍 副教授(Institute of Computational and Modeling Science, National Tsing Hua University)

講題:A Generalized Debye-Hückel Model from the Poisson-Fermi Equation with a Spherically Symmetric Charge Distribution

時間:1/16(二)下午 16:00


摘要:Ion channels of biomembrane has attracted considerable interest in various professional fields for the past few years. A variety of mathematical models have successfully predicted the experiments. One of the recently developed models to characterize electrolytes and biological ion channels is the Poisson-Fermi (PF) theory. Investigate the behavior of the electrostatic potential solution of the PF model will play an important role in many different fields, especially in physics, chemistry, biological, and mathematics. In this talk, we study the ions and electrostatic potentials of the PF model by using a generalized Debye-Hückel analysis. Use the concept of the spherical mean, the explicitly electrostatic potential solution of the generalized Debye-Hückel equation is also presented. These results may realize to evaluate the activity coefficient of an electrolyte solution with both steric and correlation effects via the PF model.



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