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演講者: 艾森柏格 講座教授(Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, USA)第二場

講題:Electricity is Different: Electrodynamics is Universal and Exact, from protons to stars

時間:1/23(二)上午 10:00


摘要:Mathematicians and physicists usually work with approximate laws. Scientists have developed exquisite skills to use their approximate knowledge to precise effect. But the crucial technology of our time depends on just one technology, the technology of electricity called electronics, in one dimensional branched systems. I argue that our electronic technology is so powerful because it is simple and precise over an enormous range, from microvolts to megavolts, from picoamps to thousands of amps, from tenths of an ohm to (nearly) gigohms. One of the laws of electrodynamics---conservation of current---is universal and exact, no matter what the material context, even though material properties are not exact or universal. I argue that our successful electronic technology is implemented in branched one dimensional circuits because they implement a universal law, exact from the smallest device in a computer chip to the largest devices of power technology, from protons to stars.



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