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演講者: 李俊璋 副教授(Institute of Computational and Modeling Science, National Tsing Hua University)

講題:A Poisson—Boltzmann model with steric effects and the strongly repulsive interactions

時間:1/16(二)下午 16:50


摘要:Various Poisson-Boltzmann (PB) models including steric effects have been used to model the equilibrium situations of bulk electrolytes in different media. Such models explain phenomena arising in a wide variety of electro-chemical, physical and biological systems, and give us a physical understanding of the behavior of the electrostatic potential. Recently, a new PB model with steric effects (PB_ns model in short) proposed by T.-C. Lin and B. Eisenberg has been derived via approximate Lennard-Jones potentials. In this talk, rigorous analysis of the PB_ns model, especially focusing on the case of the strongly repulsive interactions, will be introduced. These results provide a basic understanding of the steric effects on ionic concentrations and a connection to well-known modified PB models of Bikerman, Andelman and Li.



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